Data protection policy


In compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter RGPD) Parking Service Castellbisbal SA. (Hereinafter Parking Service Castellbisbal) shows the present policy regarding the processing and protection of personal data.
Data controller
NIF: A62644950
Registered office: Can travessera Estapé, 5-7. 08755 Castellbisbal (Barcelona)
Contact the Data Protection Officer:
Area of ​​application
This Policy be applicable:

The use of products and services Parking Service Castellbisbal requires the acceptance of this Policy.
Parking Service Castellbisbal warns that unless the existence of a legally constituted representation, no user and / or client can use the identity of another person and communicate their personal data, so the data you provide to Parking Service Castellbisbal must be personal data, corresponding to their own identity, adequate, relevant, timely, accurate and true. In this regard, the user and / or client will be solely liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to third parties or Parking Service Castellbisbal by using data from another person or your own data when they are false, inaccurate, not current , inadequate or irrelevant. Equally,
Similarly, the user and / or client to communicate personal data to Parking Service Castellbisbal declares to be of age, in accordance with the provisions of Spanish law, otherwise refraining from providing data to Parking Service Castellbisbal. Any information provided on a minor require the consent or permission of their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be held responsible for the information provided by the children in their care.
This policy will be of subsidiary application with respect to those other conditions on protection of personal data established an ad hoc basis and communicated, without limitation, through registration forms, contracts and / or conditions of the particular services, being therefore this complementary policy referred to in that not expressly provided herein.
Purposes of collection and processing of personal data
Parking Service Castellbisbal, in its capacity as data controller, informs users of the existence of various treatments and files in which are collected and stored personal data communicated Parking Service Castellbisbal.
The purposes of collection and processing of personal data are:

Retention period of personal data
Parking Service Castellbisbal retain personal data for as strictly necessary to fulfill the purposes detailed above time. Parking Service Castellbisbal may keep such data duly blocked during the period which may arise responsibilities of their relationship with the customer.
For data storage object occasion of the Law 25/2007, of 18 October, data retention relating to electronic communications and public communications networks, the shelf life of these will be detailed in that legislation.
Recipients of personal data
Recipients of personal data collected by Parking Service Castellbisbal are as follows:

User rights and exercise thereof
Users can exercise at any time the following rights recognized by the RGPD:

Users can exercise these rights in the following ways:

In cases of manifestly unfounded or excessive requests for its repetitive nature, Parking Service Castellbisbal reserves the right to refuse to act on them, in accordance with the provisions of art. 12.5 RGPD.
Users and / or clients may contact the local control authority considers appropriate if the treatment made regarding their personal data has not been carried out in accordance with current legislation.
The supervisory authority of data protection in Spain is the Spanish Data Protection Agency, whose contact details are available on their website, particularly in
international data transfers
In products and services Parking Service Castellbisbal in which the conduct of international transfers required to enable the provision thereof, that fact will be collected in the specific conditions that apply to the relevant product or service contracted by the client and accepted specifically by him prior to the same form.
Parking Service Castellbisbal as a processor
RGPD accordance with Article 28 and concordant, Parking Service Castellbisbal process personal data for which the customer will assume the title of manager or processor, when necessary for the proper provision of contracted services. In this case, Parking Service Castellbisbal act as a processor, in accordance with the terms indicated below:

  1. In the event that Parking Service Castellbisbal need to access resources sites treatment at the customer premises, it shall be responsible for establishing and implementing policy and security measures and communicate them to Parking Service Castellbisbal, who agrees to respect them and enforce them to the people in your organization involved in providing services.
  2.  When Parking Service Castellbisbal access remotely resources data processing responsibility of the customer, it must establish and implement policy and security measures in their systems of remote treatment, and Parking responsible for establishing and implementing policies and measures Service Castellbisbal security in their own local systems.
  3.  When the service was provided by Parking Service Castellbisbal on their own premises, Parking Service Castellbisbal collect in your Activity Log circumstances relating to data processing in the terms required by the RGPD, including security measures corresponding to such treatment.