The Bar-Restaurant Service is once again open to the public from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Integral Service for Transport Companies of Liquid Products

Our main objectives:

parking service castellbisbalMaximum security in our facilities

parking service castellbisbalAbsolute respect for the environment

parking service castellbisbalQuality in services to meet the needs of customers

food cleaning stationIntegrated Management Policy

lavadero alimentarioEthics and Conduct Code

30.000 square meters dedicated to the transport sector

Our Castellbisbal facilities have 150 parking spaces for heavy vehicles. Gas station, Bar-Restaurant service, Depot for containers, Chemical and food tanks laundry, mechanical and painting workshop, to offer a complete service of quality and maximum security

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Services: Parking Service Castellbisbal

  • Truck Parking

    We have 150 parking spaces for all types of heavy vehicles with or without trailer all monitored by a complete video surveillance system

  • Mechanical workshop

    We have workshop so that you can make revisions for your fleet, tires, filters, oil changes, brake review, etc.

  • Bar Restaurant

    We have a lounge to stay for lunch, menus, lunches and snacks. All this accompanied by a pleasant atmosphere

  • Depot for Tank Containers

    Complete service for containers, pressure tests, ADR, maintenance and repair, depot where you can leave your containers both loaded and empty

  • Our Laundry

    We have a chemical laundry, an alimentary laundry and a Exterior laundry, always with total commitment and respect for the environment

  • Fuel Station

    We have several suppliers of high quality Gasoil A and an exclusive AdBlue. Many companies already rely on Parking Service when it comes to refueling

  • Paint booth

    We have a fully equipped paint cabin to provide high quality paint for your vehicle, trailer or container

  • Video Surveillance and security

    More than 40 cameras accompany our security personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so that no detail is lost in our complex

  • Communications

    We have Fax, Telephone and WiFi, both in the parking lot and in the Bar-Restaurant, just ask us the password


- 24-hour Surveillance by qualified personnel every day of the year and random rounds at night and holidays by another security company different from usual.

- More than 40 security cameras throughout the enclosure and perimeter security barriers.

- Buried tank of 300,000 liters in the lowest point of the installation where any discharge that would occur in the installation would be automatically collected. The said dumping is confined inside the tank to then decide that it is done with the spillage, to recover it, to send it to the purifier, etc. This tank also collects, with the aid of a rain gauge, the first 15 minutes of rainwater, picking up any small spots or traces of tire rolling, preventing the contaminated water from being discharged into the public network.

- Fire network. The whole facility is protected by a fire network with hydrants all around the perimeter as well as a 700,000 liter water reserve tank which can not be used for any purpose other than the fire network. This would prevent that if there was a fire and for any circumstance there was a cut in the water network, we would have guaranteed the water necessary for a possible performance. We also have several mobile fire foam dispensers with the possibility of using at any point that is necessary

- ADR Mobile Emergency Unit. Unit equipped with a complete safety equipment with pumps, hoses, safety suits, self-contained breathing apparatus and other safety elements to act in any emergency both inside and outside the facility

- Installation with two purifiers, One physical-chemical and one biological. In order to guarantee a perfect functioning of the purifiers, we have a tank of homogenization of 750,000 liters, which also guarantees to purify the water we use for the activity of our installation, any extra purification caused by a possible accidental discharge

Total satisfaction guarantee

cabina de pintura castellbisbal. Parking Service


Each work is analyzed in detail by our professionals to achieve an optimal result

Commitment to the environment castellbisbal


We commit ourselves to respect the environment thanks to our procedures of action

innovative washing systems


We use the latest and most innovative washing systems, fully computerized

lavadero de cisternas castellbisbal

Food Cleaning Station

We have a new exclusive tank of food tanks certified by EFTCO FOOD